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Renewable denial = higher prices, business losses and fewer jobs

In the press this week, resources industry veteran David Byers used a poignant football analogy to describe the transition to renewable energy.


Bight exploration ban sunk in Senate

Amid the clamour of confected outrage in the anti-fossil fuels community this week, the Australian Senate showed some welcome good sense: it put down a Greens move to ban exploration in the Great Australian Bight.


Activist politics show through in renewable energy debate

Anti-fossil fuel activists like to pretend they are not political; that their activity is purely for the good of the world. But in this case, words speak louder than actions.


Blackouts shed harsh light on “unrealistic” renewable energy targets

A series of blackouts in South Australia have shed new light on the pro-Greens, pro-renewable energy policies adopted by State Governments in SA, Victoria and Queensland.


Energy Security Answers Lie Beneath Our Feet

In the wake of last week’s heatwave that left New South Wales’s power supply teetering on the edge, newly installed Energy and Utilities Minister Don Harwin has vowed to take the issue of energy security to the upcoming COAG Energy Council meeting, where he will also announce details of a Statewide Energy Security Taskforce.

Steve Wright AFR 10.02.17


Victorian gas ban illogical; farmers can benefit

Federal Ministers Barnaby Joyce and Josh Frydenberg are on firm ground when they say that agriculture and natural gas can co-exist — because they already do.


Gas, agriculture and renewables can work well together

Some telling statements emerged in the political world this week as the focus again turned to blackout-stricken South Australia.

AFR Digital Editions, Friday, February 03, 2017 - AFR Digital Editions


Less gas equals less jobs – Koutsantonis

South Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis nailed it when he said this week: “Less gas equals less jobs.”


Australian gas industry gets major vote of confidence

Australia’s natural gas industry had a significant vote of confidence from one of the most experienced investment houses in the world this week, when EIG backed a Senex project in south-western Queensland.